And we're closed... 🤍 Thank you for all your support, it has been truly appreciated!

About Me

Hi, I’m Trace!

I live in the Manawatu with my husband Johno, our two little people and our puppy, who do a stellar job of keeping us on our toes!

Little Inspiration Factory came about from a desire to dress my little people in clothing which would show them how awesome they really are! (Or to support them to build positive perceptions of themselves, if I have my ECE Teacher hat on!)

I was frustrated by the majority of clothing that was available – gender specific with messages focused on looks, pigeonholed interests and belittling assumptions about personalities and genders (girls are cute and boys are mischief).

I wanted to design clothing and products with messages which were uplifting, empowering, inspiring and which would celebrate our little people’s amazing personalities, represent their languages and cultures and make them proud of who they are. But... it turns out that it's not just little people who need and want to be inspired!

Cue the creation of Little Inspiration Factory – here to stand up for awesomeness, confidence, self assurance and self worth - to fight tall poppy syndrome, bullies, naysayers, doubters and anyone or anything else that suggests that we shouldn’t all shine brightly!

I hope you love my designs! 

Trace x